Designed With The User
In Mind
Quick to setup, easy to use and customize to your particular
practice or facility.

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Low Cost, No Maintenance One of the first EHR cloud solutions, Medi will work with any device with a web browser!
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Built For Ambulatory
Surgery Centers
Our ASC module was built collaboratively with Nurses, Surgeons,
Facility Admins and Staff. Schedule a demo to see how Medi can
simplify patient management from pre-op to post-op. Use our existing
templates or let us build yours!
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Patient Engagement Patient portal, texting, phone, and email integrated along with online scheduling and reminders built in. Request A Demo Start Now Specialty Specific
Medi-EHR products are uniquely designed for each specialty, with 100’s of templates to choose from, or customize your own. OB/GYN, Cardiology,Orthopedics, Maternal Fetal-Medicine, just to name a few.

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Behavioral Health By tying in billing and reports directly into notes, therapists and psychiatrists can focus on patient care which the system takes care of everything else Request A Demo Start Now

Our Products


Medi-EHR is built for practices of any size and scope. As a customization powerhouse it allows medical practices to finally use an EHR that adapts to their workflow.


Medi-EHR has a state-of-the-art ASC system. Every step from Scheduling, Documentation, and Post-op is built with usability and expediency in mind. All of which can be customized to your facility’s needs.


Complete, easy to use system to help manage your organization from therapy notes to tracking of regulatory compliance requirements and bill submission with little to no human intervention.


Medi-EHR’s Residential Treatment Facility Module is tailored for use by Addiction Treatment Facilities who have Residential patients. The module provides both an in-facility and outpatient schedule.


Medi-EHR’s billing module was built by professional billers and offers billing as both a product and a service. Medi can provide your inhouse billing team with a robust system .


We understand the providers time is your most valuable resource. Medi-EHR Clinical is an intuitive, secure, cloud-based EHR that makes writing notes, managing your patients and creating.


The Medi-EHR Kiosk was one of the first in the healthcare market. Accessible on any device, the patient can complete their intake, clinical histories and consent forms prior to their visit.


The Medi-EHR patient portal empowers patients to take charge of their healthcare. They can easily request refills or appointments or get copies of vital documents.


Doctors’ offices and other medical and health-related practices can streamline their intake by using Medi-EHR’s Patient Kiosk. The Kiosk allows patients to update their information.

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Some Medi-EHR Core Services


Send SMS reminders to your patients to confirm their appointments, remind them to get their annual physical or just wish them a Happy New Year


Medi-EHR can handle billing for any type of practice or facility. The billing process is completely transparent and using our dashboard providers can see an overview of the day to day billing and check on claims


Save credit cards or ACH and process payments directly from the EHR. A single system to manage all your patient finances will allow easier insight into the growth of your team


Detailed insurance eligibility checks which allow you to better service your patients.


Use email messages to remind patients about upcoming appointments, annual exams, or wellness visits.


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