Frequently Asked Questions

A: You’ve been sent this message because either you or someone under your care has utilized services from one of our medical providers. Please note that services from providers outside our network are not covered in this notification.

A: If you’ve recently settled this invoice, it may take some time for us to process your payment and update your account accordingly. If you’ve already made full payment, we appreciate your cooperation, and no further action is required.

A: It’s possible that you may not have engaged with all providers involved in your care. For instance, you might not have met the overseeing physician of the nurse practitioner who attended to you, or the specialist who reviewed your diagnostic tests.

A: If we had your insurance details on record, your invoice reflects the transactions processed by your insurer. You should receive an Explanation of Benefits from them outlining any remaining balance. For inquiries regarding insurance eligibility, benefits coordination, or service coverage, please reach out to your insurer. If you need to update your insurance details, please contact our office.

A: These terms explain the charges on your invoice and are determined by your insurance provider.

  • Copay: A fixed fee you’re required to pay for a healthcare service, often differing between primary care and specialist visits.
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay for healthcare services before your insurance benefits become active, usually resetting annually.
  • Coinsurance: The percentage of healthcare costs you’re responsible for after your insurer has contributed their share, typically activated after reaching your deductible.
  • Misc. This category includes various reasons for outstanding balances, such as services not covered by your insurer. For clarification on a Misc. charge, please contact your insurance provider.

A: If you received care in a hospital or clinic, you may receive separate invoices for professional and facility fees, resulting in duplicate charges for the same service. Professional fees pertain to the time your healthcare provider spent treating you, while facility fees cover the use of the healthcare facility, equipment, supplies, and supporting staff.